Welcome to the website of SHIATSUforeverybody

SHIATSUforeverybody is a practice and center for Namikoshi Shiatsu based in Cagnes-sur-Mer in France. I offer Shiatsu treatments, consultations, courses and workshops. Personal sessions by appointment only. Courses and workshops are organised regularly, sometimes on request.

As the name SHIATSUforeverybody suggests Shiatsu is suitable for everybody – young or not so young, male or female. SHIATSUforeverybody aims to give everybody (and every body) the opportunity to have Shiatsu and to experience its benefits and effects on the body and mind.

Our most precious possession, our body and mind, deserves the best care and attention. Shiatsu helps to rebalance and strengthen our life energy (also known as Ki, Qi or Chi ), to stay healthy and in balance or to help recover. Learn more about Shiatsu…

I hope to welcome you for an unforgettable Shiatsu treatment soon.

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Your Shiatsu Therapist,
Fazil Wazir