Nice to hear

With her permission, I would like to share this with you.

Just a few days ago, I treated a very nice and warm-hearted lady (in her early sixties).
Because of a medical condition she felt weak, she was cold and she suffered from pains.

When we spoke the first time, we came to the conclusion that a Shiatsu massage would be too strong for her weak body. I asked her if she would allow me to give her Reiki. She already knew Reiki and so she agreed.

Before we started the session I showed her how to feel Ki and advised her to learn how to give Reiki (to) herself. This is important, because (in my humble opinion) anyone can learn how to give Reiki, as we all have this great natural healing potential.

During the session, already on the first hand position, she said it felt so nice and warm. As I continued to give her a complete Reiki treatment, she told me that she could feel the pain being relieved and that she wasn’t cold anymore. When the session was over she stood up and said: “Oh wow, I can stand up straight without any pains”.

A few days later, when I saw her again, she thanked me again and said: “I had such a nice day after the session, I didn’t feel cold and I enjoyed my day without pains”.

Her gratitude reminded me again, why I have choosen to work as a (Ki) therapist, so I can help others and make a difference for them.
I am so glad to be able to do this. Thank you.

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