SHIATSUforeverybody at Domaine Cocagne

For Hôtel Domaine Cocagne I provide Shiatsu treatments as a service to the guests.

As Shiatsu is not commonly known it is very rewarding to tell people about this form of Japanese bodywork, but even better to have them experiencing the great effects on body and mind.

For the hotel guests it is a real treat and like an extension of their holidays.
Some of the best reactions we have had:

“… I should have done this earlier, this is really great…”
“… Oh, this is soooo relaxing”
“… I can feel my whole body being energized…”
“… After the Shiatsu treatment, I slept through the night like a baby…”
“… I feel like new, I have become aware of my whole body again”
“… Great relaxing time with the discovery of Shiatsu Massage lavished by Fazil to end our trip! What happiness! Fazil thank you ….”

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